Some Draw Lines EP

by Some Draw Lines

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released April 16, 2015

A huge thanks goes out to Bummerman Studios/Kaleb Richey for putting up with our shit, to Studio WYO for keeping Thomas in line, to Cole Janzen's fantastic hair for inspiring love songs, and the entirety of the Laramie scene. Because all you guys are supportive and amazing.



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Some Draw Lines Laramie, Wyoming

Just some idiots doing something Fox News wouldn't approve of

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Track Name: Litmus Test
Flowers wilt in your hair
Tree roots tap on your back
(Are you choking like I am?)
As acid rain melts us away
Crystalline waters dry up under me

Repercussions will come back twenty fold
And you won't be here to see the year
Where you sons and daughters are left in a disaster
You never intended to stop

Flowers wilt in your hair
Tree roots tap on your back
(Are you worried like I am?)
As acid rain melts us away
I hope these waters come back to me

Beneath the concrete
We came from beneath the concrete

Through machines we could coax
We could bring it all back
(Are you hopeful like I am?)
Dead meadows coming back to life
In your eyes
Track Name: Wires
Wires attached to our wrists lead straight to the sky
Though we have these legs upon which we could rely
Your lips repeat what you just heard on TV
I'm doubtful that you're thinking

Desperation can keep us down
A vicious cycle again comes around

Why can't we cut these wires holding us down?
We're just a bunch of marionettes
with these gears inside our head

Metal tearing metal could leave scars on our arms
Metal tearing metal could lead the system to collapse
Metal tearing metal could leave scars on our arms
Metal tearing metal aren't we all worth something?
Track Name: Road to Nowhere
Vines of hate cover this place
These trimmers can barely keep the pace
I could just move away

But the issues still arise
How to fight back blackened skies
Power hungry people block out the sun

Don't we all deserve blue skies too
Virgin cloud rolling through
I dream about them too

If we leave who will come along
Decide what is right from wrong
Vines already choking these homes

Problems that plague not only us
Other houses learned to trust
Weak minds hung up on greed

Why aren't you angry just yet
Front lines on our doorstep
Believe me and we can tear these vines down

In time we'll find out how to make this right
I will stand and fight
Hold ground and never let your guard down
Nothing gets better unless you try

The war we're waging we've been waging
Unless you count our ideas our words or our minds
Track Name: Without A Gun
The fugitive reporting on a broadcast unknown
Follow the leader never seemed hard until now
A double edged sword slices into the night
Shattered by the sands of time

Fighters with ice in their veins
Fighters with a fire in the souls
Fighters without a gun or a safe place called home

The scales of justice have been broken and detached
A popularity that shouldn't exist
Sifting through all the lies and deceit
A wrong conclusion and we'll end this race

See us see us see us coming
Got them got them got them running
Track Name: Street Signs
You became the fool
The one who left the door open
The one who let the cold air in
When your brain-dead head only had to think
How are you breathing when your thoughts are
Standing still, you're standing still

Overlooking compassion is chaotic order all you want
Hypocrites all of it and a bad taste in my mouth
You'll see in a few years how fucked this all turned out

A different kind of terror mobilizing in our borders
Convinced us otherwise
But not me I couldn't hold onto capital
If I wanted to anyway

Slaving streetways try to carry you home
Too bad moneybags locked it long ago